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14 hours where students create technological solutions to problems in their communities

November 23, 2019 @ Italian Canadian Club in Milton, Ontario, Canada

Students at a Workshop at the Hackathon Hack Penn

HackNight is a 14-hour hackathon where students use technology to create solutions to problems that their local communities face. A hackathon is a place where students come together and use technology to solve problems and win prizes! HackNight has no affiliation with any school. This event is an independently organized and run event.

HackNight is a place where students with almost no experience in technology can come to learn and create technological solutions to real world problems. You’ll walk away with new technical, design and business skills, a project to brag about, and maybe even a prize!

Students hacking away at projects at the hackathon Hack Penn


HackNight is open to students of all levels, which is why we hold workshops on technical, business, and design topics to help you create the best possible project. We also have a lot of fun activities planned throughout the event along with great speakers and panel dicussions. There will be quiet zones where you can catch up on some sleep too!

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How can I help out with HackNight?

  • HackNight is always looking for judges, sponsors, and partners! Please reach out to us at info@hackknight.com or through our hackathon slack at hackknight.slack.com

Who can apply? What if I'm in middle school?

  • Although our event is geared towards high school students, we welcome middle school students too!

When and Where is HackNight happening?

  • HackNight happens on the weekend November 23, 2019 at the Italian Canadian Club in Milton, Ontario.

Where can I contact organizers?

  • You can contact anyone in our team through our hackathon slack at hackknight.slack.com or through our team email info@hackknight.com

What do I bring?

  • the waiver at hackknight.com/waiver student ID or some ID with your name on it, an idea, enthusiasm, and a laptop is all that's needed! We provide food and time to make teams so don't worry about that!

What if I don't have a team or idea?

  • HackNight will have plenty of workshops and team building time/activities where you'll have the chance to come up with an idea or make a team.

Can I work on my Hack before HackNight?

Are travel reimbursements being provided?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot directly provide travel reimbursement for our participants at this time. But you can apply for Execute Big's Travel Grant, so you can join us without having to pay for travel!


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